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Scaling and Root Planing (Deep Cleaning, Gum Disease Treatment) - Columbus, OH

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About SRP

The earliest stage of gum disease (gingivitis) is produced when bacteria, plaque, and acid accumulate where the gums and teeth meet (the gum pockets), which leads to gum bleeding, inflammation, chronic halitosis, a receding gumline, and more problems. The top procedure to reverse early gum disease is scaling and root planing (sometimes abbreviated as SRP), which repairs the health of the teeth and gums by deep cleaning under the gumline, then smoothing out the dental enamel to prevent future accumulation. After one or several SRP treatments at DentalWorks - Polaris in Columbus, OH by our dentists, the teeth and gums are generally healed and the patient's problems will start to heal.

What to Expect

For the SRP treatment, our dentists will put local anesthesia on the treated areas. Sedation can be included to help the patient stay calm and relaxed during the treatment. To access all parts of the gum pockets and scale the tartar and plaque accumulations, our dentists will use a hand scaling instrument or an ultrasonic cleaning tool. Once the gum pocket is scaled, our dentists will eliminate the places where tartar and plaque can become stuck by smoothing (planing) the enamel of the tooth. Following the treatment, the gum tissue can start to repair and reattach cleanly to the tooth root. Certain patients may require more than one procedure to achieve their ideal results.

Treatment Aftercare

After the SRP procedure is completed, patients may have some bleeding of the gums or inflammation for 1 - 3 days. To keep the teeth and gums clean following the SRP treatment, patients should discuss correct techniques for flossing and brushing so they can start an appropriate home care practice. Patients should also be certain to make an appointment for dental exams annually at DentalWorks - Polaris or as suggested by our dentists. Our dentists will generally schedule a second appointment a few months after the treatment to measure the patient's healing.

Insurance Coverage

Because SRP is most often a required procedure for periodontal disease, typical dental insurance policies will pay for all or part of the expenses of the treatment. DentalWorks - Polaris will talk to the patient's insurance company to compute their exact coverage and personal expenses. Patients can also ask about payment methods and financing plans during their consultation with our dentists.

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Clean, Healthy Gums

To avoid higher phases of periodontal disease, scaling and root planing (SRP) at DentalWorks - Polaris in Columbus, OH is an highly successful, nonsurgical procedure that may help to eliminate symptoms like bad breath, bleeding gums, gum recession and loose teeth. Scaling and root planing by our dentists bring your dental health back on track and gives you an attractive, healthy smile.

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